Cloud collaboration on cross-platforms

What does software above the level of a single device in web2.0 means?

In the current century, PC is no longer the only device being utilized to access the Web. Various introductions of devices such as smart devices that are an electronic device that is cordless. It is connected via WiFi, 3G or 4G and has the capability of voice and video communication, internet browsing and geo-location service.

“In the areas of Web2.0 where we expect to see some of the greatest change, as more and more devices is connected to the new platform.” – Tim O’Reilly 

In relation to the quotation above, various web services have been on the rise in looking into other platforms that benefit the consumers. This gives the web application a wider range of flexibility. In fact, the development of software above the single level device has proved to improve our lives.


Dropbox is a free online cloud base storage service. It is a online backup web application that many would have known to appreciate once the initial PC has been broken. Uploaded documents that have been wiped away due to several reasons such as PC bug can be easily retrieved from your dropbox account. Dropbox has been known as the world’s 6th most valuable web startup after Facebook, Twitter, 360Buy, Groupon and Zynga. 

How does Dropbox contribute to the pattern: ‘Software above the level of a single device’?

Dropbox has come across as a cross-platform for synchronization where folders can be shared among friends to promote rich media sources. There are several versions across many OS (Operating System for desktops) and mobile devices such as Android, Iphone, Ipad and Blackberry. Dropbox can be accessed anywhere with the use of internet access via WiFi, 3G or 4G.

dropbox pic 2

There is another web application that can be compatible with Dropbox. That would be Google Drive. Google Drive takes Google Docs cloud-based office software and implements a simple, user-friendly storage.

googledrive pic 3

Like Dropbox, Google Drive is consistent throughout the synchronization of files. It integrates with Windows and Mac OS.

What is great about Dropbox is that it makes file synchronization easy for everyone and provides versatility in file sharing and versioning.

The downsides of Dropbox?

Dropbox could sell, transfer and share their contents including users’ personal information for business reasons. It is linked to ‘Data is the next Intel Inside’ in one of Tim O’Reilly’s design patterns where whether selling customer’s information is a violation or not. Dropbox has privacy and security issues when it comes to users uploading files. The files can be accessed by someone who is not intended.

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16 Responses to Cloud collaboration on cross-platforms

  1. PrapatW says:

    Hi Jerfen

    It is true as you said that PC is not the absolute answer anymore. Many Web 2.0 applications are can be use anywhere with many devices. We don’t need to use usb flash drive, floppy disk, or lan cable to communicate between devices any more. We can use cloud as medium an access our data via apps direct from our PC or mobile devices. We can also preserved our documents to be the same format using Web 2.0 tools like Google docs. There shouldn’t be any problem between Mac user and Windows user anymore because of their software like Microsoft offices.

    Prapat W.

    • ngjerfen says:

      Hi Prapat,

      Oh yes, the great thing is even if one forgets to bring a thumbdrive for transfering of files, dropbox or google drive which is a cloud base application/website is one of the best tools. There are several applications that requires mac users to download extra links to be able to use a particular web tool. This frustrates mac users. Usually windows wouldn’t have any problems. Thanks for commenting! (:

  2. atang28 says:

    Hi Jerfen,

    It can be seen that we are now moving into cloud collaboration across all platforms! As you mentioned in your blog these applications such as dropbox, google drive etc all gives a wider range of flexibility. Why? Because they are accessible on multiple devices, if you forget your USB you can access your google drive or dropbox! These cloud applications provides us with a way of backing up our files as well! 🙂

    Do you think that with dropbox, google drive and other cloud storage applications that there are too many to select from and how does privacy work for these applications. I know for myself i try to use dropbox and google drive.



    • ngjerfen says:

      Hi Andy,

      Yes, there are simply too many cloud base storage application found in the internet today! Currently when it comes to privacy matters, many applications can be easily hacked into. Therefore less organizations utilizes online web base storage applications to backup any sensitive documents. Organizations only utilize intranet applications that is only available internally and not in the websites.

  3. ssarahmccarthyy says:

    Hi Jerfen.
    In your opinion what application do you think is the best to use in terms of sharing files, Dropbox or Google Drive? And also, what application do you trust more? Dropbox does not own users files where as users give Google a licence to “use, host, store, reproduce, modify, create derivative works”.
    Thanks, Sarah.

    • ngjerfen says:

      Hi Sarah,

      Personally, i’ve been using dropbox more often than googledrive. I am new to google drive. I have just created an account. Personally, i think that Dropbox is just more user-friendly as well, many students like ourself uses dropbox, so it is more convenient to have a dropbox account rather than a google drive because not everyone has tried it before. It is a good thing that you pointed out where google can use our information stored in their cloud. The answer is pretty obvious, definitely dropbox

  4. sukhshans says:

    Hi Jerfen,

    Dropbox and Google Drive are two collaborative and online storage tools that I usually use because of the availability of a mobile app. In my opinion, it is indeed very important to have a mobile app with these tools and not be restricted to a certain device. Dropbox on web is great for viewing multiple files and the app version is great for uploading photos. One problem I do have with both of the tools is that when the data is not synced yet but another user is also editing the content at the same time. I guess its because the data can be opened even when you are offline, did you ever have the same issue?

    • ngjerfen says:

      Hi Sukshan,

      Oh yes, it happen to me when i use Dropbox as it is the collaborative tool i use with all my team mates. And i do face similar situation where data can be over-write because of the offline feature. I always inform my team mates that i am editing the document so that they would not be editing it at the same time.

  5. Hey Jerfen 🙂

    Great post! I love Dropbox and I use both Dropbox and Google Drive for most of my work. I rarely use a USB anymore (I do have one or two lying around just in case ahaha) but what I think is really great about Dropbox and Google Drive is that it can be accessed anywhere on almost any device as long as you have an internet connection. I now use it as a backup or if I know I want to work on something away from home.

    What do you think of the Dropbox app? I heard there’s one available but haven’t thought about installing it yet.

    Kind regards, Laura 🙂

    • ngjerfen says:

      Hi Laura,

      Thanks! Dropbox has long been popular among university students! And yes i did heard and use Dropbox app on my iphone and ipad, You can “Email, text message, facebook message, post to facebook or tweet on the documents in the dropbox! you can also print it through your phone by connecting a wifi computer and sync it to your phone!

      But with the dropbox application, it comes with less flexibility. One cannot share a folder on dropbox app unless one is logged onto the computer. I wonder if you face the same problem too! Cheers!

  6. Hi Ngjerfen,

    Yes it’s true that cloud base applications are considered as one of the best tools for transformation of various files. Maximum flexibility is being ensured through the effective deployment of such applications in a system. File backup is the most advantageous application which works out when a storage device is not working effectively. I must say it’s a blessing for us as students, who tend to forget assignment files or even the USBs just on the day of submission 😉

    I need to know whether Google derive offers strong searching options and customised properties for the files?


    • ngjerfen says:

      Hi Hussain,

      Google Drive allows you to have a normal Google search bar and search for any documents. For instance if you have a whole loads of documents inside google cloud, perhaps stating a key work will be able to assist you in finding your document. And as for customizing properties of the files, if you were speaking about the formats of the files, perhaps this website will help you


  7. Yiting Zhang says:

    Hi Jerfen,
    I think dropbox is really useful and more easier than sending files via email. As for the Google Docs which I have been using, while Google Docs support the direct opening of files in a browser, can Dropbox also support that?
    And this is a nice blog for the organization as well as the content.

    • ngjerfen says:

      Hi Yiting,

      That is one of the plus point about Google Drive, it is linked to Google Docs which you can open directly as you mentioned. As for Dropbox, unfortunately you can’t do the same as Google Docs. Dropbox required the user to download the file/document!

      Cheers & thanks!

  8. azizalkaldi says:

    Hi Jerfen!

    You have mentioned privacy concerns as a downside of Dropbox, which is a valid concern. However, I have to mention that the same privacy concerns apply to most web 2.0 applications. This gives web 2.0 companies all the more reason to earn the trust of its users.

    By the way, I too have written about a file-sharing service called 4shared for this week’s blog post.

    • ngjerfen says:

      Hi Aziz,

      Oh yes i do agree with you, some hackers are problematic when it comes to intruding other’s personal things. The intrusion can cause big trouble for the user. Thanks for reading!

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