Drawings with professionalism

What does ‘Rich User Experience in web2.0 means?

With most web browsers in today’s century, the deliverables of the web browsers are framed to deliver a full scale application that enhances users’ experiences. It can be the combination of various technologies to design key components of Web2.0 applications.

“A Web 2.0 word processor would support wiki-style collaborative editing, not just standalone documents. But it would also support the rich formatting we’ve come to expect in PC-based word processors.” – Tim O’Reilly

In relation to the quotation above, it began with a period of user interface innovation where developers build web applications on computers. It is a huge competition advantage when organisations succeed in creating web application that enriches the users’ data and most importantly, thinking of ways to improve their users experience and participation that leads to higher user satisfaction rates, lower web site abandonment and higher scale conversion rates.


rich pic 3

Creatly has got an attractive interface with almost all diagrams and shapes that you can imagine. The interface is relatively fast in response when changes are made by users. Creately’s intelligent diagramming engine suggests connectors, does automatic groupings and defines data properties to take drawing to the next level. Team collaboration is real easy with Creately. You don’t need to sign up for an account to create a diagram. It’s has also got a desktop version to be used offline!

Below is a short 2 minutes video clip about Creately:

Creately provides a rich interactive and high user engagement experience for users through the different features and functions available for any types of diagrams. All of these features are wired for different user’s capabilities and needs (Designers, Developers, Project Manager, and Business Analyst) shown below.

rich pic 2

How does Creately contribute to the pattern: ‘Rich User Experience’ ?

rich pic 1
‘Real Easy’ and Beautiful Diagrams’ represents usability and simplicity. There is no need to download or install Creately. It is a smart and interactive yet functional web interface tool where users would only need a web browser and an internet server. Another function that Creately’s diagrams provide speedy drag and drop feature that makes manoeuvring images easy. There is a tool-bar which makes producing a diagram easier and it allows filtration of diagrams using tags, so that organization becomes simple.

‘Team Collaboration’ enables users to be engaged with the latest techniques and technologies to support at wide spectrum of interaction represents. It supports Real-Time collaboration where working on the same diagram on the same time is possible no matter where you are. Creately has a post-it note style comments on the diagram itself to help the user spread the message across to inform other team members on what you are talking about. Creately also integrates easy sharing system where diagrams can be shared by inviting new collaborators which generates a unique secure link by email. Lastly, it helps users manage diagrams and collaborators with ease that makes sense. This proves to be a great sense of management and accessibility.

‘Smart Diagramming’ emerges out of the dynamics of user behaviour when Creately’s intelligent diagramming engine suggests connectors, does automatic groupings and defines data properties to take drawing to the next level.

Creately can be signed in by Google, GoogleApps, Facebook or Twitter. Creately also have an optional button that says ‘remember me’ when signing in. It shows preserve content addressability.

Creately adopts an adaptive personalization function when changes made on the diagrams inside Creately are automatically reflected across all web pages.

The downsides of Creately?

Creately does not provide any search engine widget where most web application tools have it. It would benefit users when there is a means of accessing content on the sites.

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21 Responses to Drawings with professionalism

  1. atang28 says:

    Hi Jerfen,

    You always seem to be the first person who finishes the weekly blog good job!

    You made a great point where many web applications are focusing on enhancing users experience! If users get lost or do not understand how to navigate around a web application they will surely leave and find another application that is more user friendly thus increasing satisfaction ! Creately is a great tool for online collaboration when it comes to designing and coming up with the best user experience.

    Are the Creately projects you work on stored remotely on your device or a cloud/server of some sort?

    • Ngjerfen says:

      Hi Andy,

      Thanks! Well, Creately projects are stored on the database. It required internet therefore people whom you shared your work with can see your work online! you can also save your work separately on your desktop as an image or PDF format. Cheers.

  2. adamhijazi says:

    Hi Jerfen,

    Nice post.

    This site seems to be very similar (if not the same) as some I looked up while studying Business Process Modelling, for which a site like this is ideal. I like the fact that multiple users can be in a “sketch board” scenario together, this is excellent for brainstorming especially in the area of Process Modelling. The fact that it does NOT ask for registration is excellent! I find that every site I land at nowadays is asking for an email address and a password and honestly sometimes I just leave because I can’t be bothered signing up to yet another one.

    Did you use this site specifically for process modelling or do your interests lay elsewhere? How do you find it responds? Some sites I looked at were reportedly quite slow…

    You can check out my blog at adamhijazi.wordpress.com 🙂



    • ngjerfen says:

      Hi Adam,

      Thanks! I do know what site you will use in Business Process Modeling, If I am not wrong it would be Signavio. Signavio disadvantage would be it’s not that stable. I personally used Signavio. And yes, Signavio isn’t free, it is only free for students. If outside people in the working environment would need to purchase an account to use Signavio to draw out process models.

      I do think that this site is more user-friendly and has more capabilities in drawing other different models. You may want to try Creately from now onwards 🙂 I would too.

  3. Matt08H says:

    Hi Jerfen

    I’ve never used Creately before but I can definitely see the need for such an application. The availability of it being online would surely draw in plenty of businesses and encourage them to use it, and from a quick look at their website, they have some very large customers. Not having needed any software of this sort before, I can’t think of any desktop based programs that would compete with this, can you?

    – Matt

  4. monique says:

    Great post and interesting application! I can recall times during my studies when this application would have been ideal for drawing diagrams and flowcharts.

    I think one of the great things about web-based applications like Creately is that since they are web-based you don’t need to download software to your computer, that you only use once in a blue moon… and half the time when you need a similar application again, you don’t even remember you already have one installed! It’s also great that you can try it without needing to install it. There is so so so much dodgy freeware out there, or ones that just don’t meet your needs, that when looking for a certain program, you end up installing (and hopefully uninstalling) numerous different applications. Web-based is definitely the way to go!!

    • ngjerfen says:

      Hi Monique,

      I agree with you, if i would have known about this application back in my Bachelor, i would have used this application for my other projects! I would also say that it is useful for outside corporate industry when registration isn’t required and sometimes in the corporate industry, you would require administrative permission to download desktop applications. For Creately, you can choose not to download a desktop application.

      • monique says:

        That’s a very valid point! I remember when working in IT within the government and we had to go through a crazy approval process to install absolutely anything on our computer. But, they also blocked a heap of sites… (I remember QUT Blackboard was blocked with the reason “Educational,” which I found hilarious – and yet we could still access Facebook). I wonder if there is some way for website to avoid being placed onto these black list by blocking software so they can be more widely used (easily)?

  5. sukhshans says:

    Hi Jerfen,

    Creately sounds very interesting, I will surely try it out. I usually use Gliffy for doing diagrams and charts online but this seems like a good alternative. Can users who are using the desktop application collaborate with users using the web?


    • ngjerfen says:

      Hi Sukshan,

      Yes you actually can collaborate with users provided you have internet access on your desktop. Even if you work offline, it is still possible as the changes you saved offline will be automatically sync’ed into the into Creately’s server once you acquire internet access the next time.

      More information can be found here! http://creately.com/desktop/FAQ

  6. PrapatW says:

    Hi Jerfen

    Creately seems to be the answer for collaborative work for diagrams. The interface is really nice and simple so people can just start using it without having to learn anything new. In QUT we seems to have lots of group work and when I have diagrams to draw I’ll definitely check Creatly out.

    Prapat W.

  7. Hi Jerfen

    Great post! And what an amazing Web 2.0 application and a great example of the pattern! I’ve never heard of Creately but it looks like something that I could use for my studies! I can definitely see how this can help users create and develop diagrams quickly. From what I gather from the Youtube video, it seems like it provides users a real-time collaboration feature like Google Docs which I think is amazing! I haven’t seen many other competitor applications integrating this collaboration feature into their service so I think they have a great advantage by utilising this feature.

    Again, awesome post Jerfen! Kind regards, Laura 🙂

  8. Hey Jerfen,

    Great post! Creatly seems like a worthy cloud competitor to desktop applications like EDraw. What makes Creatly more efficient, in my opinion, is the ability to set your preference as a designer, manager or Analyst. This way, you get direct access to the critical features that are relevant to your needs.

    Best wishes,

    Bidah Alkhaldi

    Check out my blog @http://abidalalkhaldi.wordpress.com/

    • ngjerfen says:

      Hi Bidah Alkhaldi,

      I do have an Edraw desktop application on my laptop as well. The sad thing is that I only have the trail version, the full version requires me to pay AUD$99! This is one of the great example why Creately has a competitive advantage among a number of web application tool that draws diagrams!

  9. jasonw2blog says:

    Hey Jerfen,

    Nice post! Creately seems very nice and I might even use it later down the track. Creately offers alot of collaboration and what good is that its easy to use. Creately also offers a good community for support and questions, this helps form a better bond with the users. Better design with creately being able to integrate is awesome like with Google Apps.


  10. bronwynsc says:

    Thanks for posting this information about Creatly. You really explained it well and I like the RUE focus on “improve their users experience and participation that leads to higher user satisfaction rates, lower web site abandonment and higher scale conversion rates.” – with so many applications available the abandonment rates must be huge. I found your reply above really interesting about not needing to download so useful in a corporate setting where you can’t download apps. I think that should go in your main post – that is a big plus…as well as no logins that Adam commented on above. Overall, a great product. How do you think they will hold the competitors off?

    • ngjerfen says:

      Hi Clarke,

      Thanks for your kind comment This app is free to use! no registration is needed. Most application online requires one to register and pay for the full version. Most application too allow the user to use the trial version. Some allow users to use the full version but within a certain time frame (e.g. 30 days), after which user must pay to use.

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