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What does harnessing of collective intelligence in web2.0 means?

According to Tim O’Reilly’s article, harnessing collective intelligence is the act of connecting to each user to harness the power of themselves. It represents the interactions with users by embracing the power of the web and to play an active role to a place where it stores collective work from web users.

In relation to understanding deeper on how to motivate users to participate in collective undertakings varies alongside with what I will mention/introduce to you in the website. Eric Bonabeau states that incentives (rewards, free gifts, promotions) are widely used in web applications to simulate user participants/engagements.

WeHeartIt is a website that allow users to host their images and videos online. It is a popular site that is similar to Flickr. Their similarities are uploading, discovering and sharing of images. WeHeartIt was one of the web application that matches the habit of harnessing collective intelligence.

How does WeHeartIt contributes to the pattern: harnessing of collective intelligence?

According to Turkish Online Journal,

What are required in harnessing of collective intelligence are

  • users adding value and
  • network effects helps to magnify the value that the user adds.

WeHeartIt enables users to add value to the website by uploading pictures that they wish to share to other users through active participation. By active participation, it means being able to ‘like’, ‘comment’ and ‘share’ the picture.

Tagging is another form of term of using keywords that the users choose to classify their pictures. The picture below shows a form of different tags (Related Tags) or it can be called as folksonomy.


According to the website WeHeartIt, there are other social networking platforms within WeHeartIt. They are Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr shown in the picture above. Sharing of photos to these platforms increases participation, this leads to higher chances of other users finding their picture. How would I know that? There is a column in WeHeartIt which has active users displayed on the right. An example is provided below.


WeHeartIt explicitly involves users by allowing users to edit the photos they have uploaded by creating, modifying and deleting contents of the uploaded pictures.

This website also implicitly involves users by showcasing other users where he/she, who uploaded the photos, has been to. Different users have different kinds of creativity when it comes to uploading their talents online. WeHeartIt has a great base for all the talented as well as the inexperienced photographers to share their photos. It also acts as one of many online storage locations for users.

By allowing a free online storage location is a great way to provide incentive to users to continue utilizing the website.

There are two things I appreciate most about this website:

Firstly it is the innovative idea of ‘downloading the heart button

It serves the purpose of allowing a fuss free photo saver. It states

‘When you’re visiting a website and see an image you like, click the heart button on your browser. This will scan the current page and look for images you can add’


Secondly, users can access WeHeartIt through their mobile apps. It helps create a large pool of network for users to share and interact.


Many other different types of plus points for this website can be found here. –>Click Here

The downside of WeHeartIt in terms of Harnessing collective intelligence?

The disadvantage of WeHeartIt when users contributes are photos are not being censored off when it comes to vulgarities. Children who come across this website might pick up on things that he/she should not be learning. There is a button “report this entry” where anyone could report this user on anything which concerns them. Nevertheless, it may not be sufficient to prevent vulgar pictures from being uploaded!

Please share your views on this post.

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21 Responses to We Heart Pictures

  1. atang28 says:

    Very good and well written blog Jerfen!

    I totally agree that “harnessing collective intelligence is the act of connecting to each user to harness the power of themselves” in this day and age Web 2.0 allows anyone/everyone to connect to each other through all the various Web 2.0 tools on the web!

    Actually i haven’t heard of “we heart pictures” before, so it was quite interesting and good to visit the website itself. Like you mentioned it is a great way to upload pictures that they wish to share to other users through active participation. What makes is great also is the cross-social media platform within WeHeartit such as twitter/facebook etc, in a way this is also harnessing collective intelligence within Web 2.0.

    AND it is free too, thanks for sharing this Web 2.0 tool (WeHeartIt)

    • ngjerfen says:

      Hi Andy,

      Great to hear that you’ve enjoyed reading! and I would like my readers to explore new websites such as WeHeartIt. and for the “We Heart Pictures”, its just a form of my expression on this blog post. And I’m really glad that you are now known to this amazing website and the tools that this website offers (etc, The Heart Button). I am excited to read your upcoming post!

  2. Wilson says:

    Hi Jerfen!

    I never knew that such an interactive website exist! I think this will make liking of pictures/videos so much easier and in a way, interesting. You have provided me with an in-depth understanding of what this website is about and explicitly listed down all the key features of the website.

    All we need to do now is to find more pictures that I like and “heartit”! Thank you for your kind introduction Jerfen! I shall look forward to your other recommendations as well 🙂

    • ngjerfen says:

      Hi Wilson,

      Thanks for chancing upon my website! Social media connections really do help when advertising this post on twitter! Thanks for your kind feedback on this start up blog! I do hope that you follow my blog to know more!

  3. Amber says:

    Hi Jerfen,

    Very informative and well-written post, thank you. 🙂

    I’m curious – how do you think WeHeartit compares to other photo sharing sites like Flickr – better, or just different?

    • ngjerfen says:

      Hi Amber,

      Thank you for visiting 🙂

      I would think WeHeartIt is not as highly populated as Flickr. Both have their unique features. In reference to my post on the similarities, Flickr as well as WeHeartIt allow users to manage their photo storage, share, and organize easily with the same features of allowing comments, notes, tags on your photos, post or share to any blog.

      Personally, I would think WeHeartIt’s interface is more user-friendly and what’s different then Flickr is that it incorporates a button (in this case, its the heart button), that is attractive. If you are a lazy user (Like myself :)) who just would not take the step to save the picture and upload it again into a photo storage location, the Heart Button would just be the simple solution of skipping a few steps.

  4. Monique says:

    Great post!

    Your point that by providing online storage as an incentive for continued use is really interesting. It makes me wonder if our loyalty to sites like this, has more to do with our personal connection that we have to our photos/uploaded content than anything else. If the quality of the site’s usability dramatically declined, would people still use it simply because their photos are still up there or would they bother to migrate them over to another?

    • ngjerfen says:

      Hi Monique,

      Personally, i would still use it because my photos are still stored inside the website. 🙂

    • bronwynsc says:

      Good point, Monique. I missed that about incentives for continued use. What I am wondering is how this differentiates itself from so many other “view, like, share, post” sites. This would be one advantage. Thanks for pointing it out!

      • ngjerfen says:

        There isn’t any difference with other websites when its based on inventives for continued usage. In this days, many web application tools are utilizing this free online storage incentive to attract users to continue using. and Yes there will be a huge competition in the web market these days. Good point made out. There should be some new innovative idea for websites like flikr, photobucket, instagram, wehearit and many others that just provide free online storages. Maybe some rewards such as ‘more data input’, extra free storage space available. Something along that line of rewards..

  5. Great post Jen!

    I have heard of WeHeartIt but I never knew what it was about. Your post gave me a good idea about what the application was about, thank you for the info! The website itself is very colourful and bright, and the format is quite lovely and simple!

    I like how you can sign in by using your Facebook or Twitter account and how those two popular social websites are internally integrated in the website. Also the option to download a mobile app is great! I think we are in a generation where mobile computing is becoming more and more relied upon and used in our every-day life, especially if you are outside and on-the-go!

    Thanks again for the great info Jen. I look forward to more of your posts! Kind regards, Laura 🙂

    • ngjerfen says:

      Hi Laura,

      Yes i totally agree with you when you mention about the upcoming generation where people are stuck onto social network such as Facebook and twitter. This two are the most commonly used. And nowadays, majority uses a smartphone. It becomes a norm where people download mobile applications and use them whenever and wherever. People do share common interest such as taking and sharing pictures they come across that others may find them interesting. 🙂

  6. PrapatW says:

    Hi Jerfen

    I think WeHeartIt is one of good photo sharing site apart from many others such as Flickr. I think it is really a good Web 2.0 tool and it is also a good example of ‘Harnessing collective intelligent’ pattern. I really like the heart button which is not only an attractive way to save photo but it is also easy and catchy when the site is We-Heart-It.

    Prapat W.

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  8. Leo says:

    Hi Jerfen,

    I have never heard of “WeHeartit”, or maybe I just dont use social media alot. =D As I was looking through the website I don’t see any comments, does it have the features of allowing user to leave comments? Or it is just because I am not a member?

    How do you think “WeHeartit” should improves its website design to increase its popularity?

    Ps. can you change the background colour of the website? Or is it targeted for girls only? lol…


    • ngjerfen says:

      Hi Leo,

      It is probably you are not a member. Well, I do think that WeHeartIt should allow users to customize their webpage to increase popularity. Well, some guys would like soft colours.

  9. Hey,

    This is a really well written and detailed post on this topic.

    Weheartit is a great example and as you have shown they have innovated in a number of ways. A number of different sites have a similar business models. It would be fair to say Tumblr would be a direct competitor in the space.

    Do you think that the way weheartit collects the intelligence has resulted in a tangiable competitive advantage?

    • ngjerfen says:

      Hi Blake,


      Oh yes, i do agree Tumblr is one of a great competitor! Whereas WeHeartIt, it is not a blogging platform like tumblr. I would say that WeHeartIt’s competitor would be Flikr.

      WeHeartIt can act as a storage location for images and videos! I do think that with the many images and videos uploaded (Usually images), it can serve the purpose of allowing third parties to advertise on their website as more users are using this platform to share their images to the public!

  10. Miss J says:

    very informative, thank you for notice me about WEHEARTIT, cos never hear about this application before, i wonder comparing to flicker or other photo sharing application, is WEHEARTIT better or just different?

    • ngjerfen says:

      Hi Miss J,

      🙂 your welcome, the difference between flickr and weheartit isn’t much a big difference. They have similar features and functions.

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